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Karen Lee

Karen Lee takes a soothing soak in the pool

As an interior designer with 20 years under my belt in both residential and commercial interiors, I understand the importance of comfort both inside and outside of the home. Also, as the population ages,  interior design becomes ever more important as we prepare to stay at home. We still want the comforts  but we want to live independently and stay safe where we live.

This website focuses on bathing and spa products for the 50 plus, boomers, seniors and the elderly: design, safety and achieving the spa experience as they age gracefully in place, in their own homes.

As a designer, I have applied real world knowledge about the importance of designing efficient bathrooms for those with and without age related diseases. I understand the importance of having a good bathtub, not just from research, installing them for clients but also from using them myself. I have a jetted air tub in the house, a jetted hot tub spa in the backyard. I have not only installed numerous styles and designs for clients but have had to repair a few tubs due to contractor negligence.

As a caregiver to aging parents, I have witnessed the difficulties of elders who have begun to have mobility problems due to stroke and aging related diseases. My family installed grab bars in my parents’ bathroom, but it really demonstrated the need for a walk-in bathtub for people who are elderly or who have limited mobility.

I learned about the benefits of having a walk-in tub firsthand. After I broke my foot, I quickly  discovered the difficulty of getting into the bathtub when you are less than mobile. I then realized that a walk-in bathtub would eliminate those problems completely; even people who have a hard time getting in or out a normal bathtub by themselves would be able to use a walk-in bathtub virtually unassisted.

New bathroom design and  updates should also be planned with the elderly and their caregivers in mind. Boomers who are relatively fit should also seriously consider design changes as they prepare to age in place. As a designer, I realize that not all can afford such a luxury bath item especially those on a limited budget as are some seniors, but there are other bathing aids and product options that we can use with our existing tubs to get us in and out more efficiently without having to change or replace the tub.

Bathing should be a wholistic experience. The bath is always the centerpiece but other accessories should be considered in order to help us to experience bathing fully: such as portable foot spas and hand spas that will also help soothe the aches and pains of aging body parts especially if we don’t need a full dip in the tub, these kinds of units really come in handy.

Stylish and modern product bath and spa selections are reviewed. Here you will also find information on trending topics that will help you age in place: comfortably, safely and independently.

When I am not designing bathrooms or other rooms in the home or taking care of my parents, you can find me outside under the birch trees in the hot tub spa with hubby in tow, enjoying the cool breezes and mountain air of the Rocky Mountains.

Karen Lee

Author, Designer, Caregiver

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