Serenity Walk-In Tubs Review

The Serenity Walk-In Tubs by Active Forever are the Best on the MarketThe Serenity Walk-In Tubs by Active Forever are the Best on the Market

I have been searching the Internet, trying to find a safe walk-in bathtub for our home. I knew that Active Forever was a great company so I wasn’t surprised to see reviews like this one for their wonderful walk-in tubs.

“In addition to this amazing tub, the customer service was knowledgeable and intelligent and responded quickly to my many questions. I couldn’t be happier with this bathtub. I cannot begin to say how truly life changing it is. If you struggle with bathing (or have a loved one that struggles and are concerned about them) this is the perfect product. “

You can read more about the Serenity Walk-In Bathtub on this page to find out product specifications and learn more about the many benefits that these walk-in tubs offer seniors.

I’m going to focus on what I see as the best features of this product and why I have decided that the Serenity walk-in tub is the best choice.

First, if you have ever used a walk-in bathtub, you know how it works. If you haven’t, the walk-in bathtub is an upgrade to a traditional tub. Instead of climbing over the side, you can simply open the door and walk into the tub. After the person bathing is comfortably inside the tub with the door latched, you can begin filling the tub with water.

This is a great way to bathe for people that feel a little unsteady on their feet in the bath or have difficulties with balance.

What sets the Serenity Walk-In Bathtub Apart from other Walk-In Bathtubs?

This bathtub is a wonder for people that want to age in place and yet still need some assistance in the bathtub. This bathtub is great for people that can bathe themselves or those that need the assistance of a caregiver in order to take a bath. With the Serenity Walk-In Bathtub, every area is designed to provide support and comfort to the person bathing with handles, comfortable arm rests, a seated bench, and several other safety features to enhance the bathing experience.

This bathtub also has an amazing whirlpool feature that makes taking a bath so much more enjoyable. You can gently ease soreness, stiffness, tightness or any other muscle or joint problem with these wonderful jets.

The Serenity Walk-In Bathtub is also complete with a no-slip surface so that you or your loved one will be completely safe when entering or exiting the bathtub. This is a great benefit to those that have difficulty getting in their current bathtub and  can provide much needed peace of mind to family members and caregivers.

People who have tried the Serenity Walk-In Bathtub love the adjustable jets. They provide the right amount of force so that you can receive the optimal benefits of whirlpool action. Jets have been noted as one of the best ways to soothe away aches and pains.

With no fear of falling, this bathtub provides the comfort and safety that you or your loved one needs in order to securely operate the bath tub without assistance or with minimal assistance. Whirlpools have been known to relieve soreness in the muscles and other aches and pains, and just the addition of the Serenity Walk-In Bathtub to your home living environment can make a big difference in terms of your pain level and quality of life.

Active forever is offering the best value for their Serenity Walk-In bathtub, which makes it an even better choice for any senior.

Many of the walk-in bathtubs cost upwards of $5,000 or more, but the Serenity Walk-In Tub is not only more affordable, but it is also a great value for the quality and craftsmanship of the tub.

The walk-in bathtub is fully ready to use upon arrival!

This system is pre-plumbed, which means that it is fully ready to be hooked up to your plumbing fixtures and to be used as soon as you have it properly installed. You can also order this fantastic walk-in bathtub online and have it delivered directly to your door. This is often the easiest and most convenient option for people that are in need of a solution quickly.

Another great benefit to this walk-in bathtub is that it uses less water than traditional tub, and you can still sit in chest level water if you so desire. This makes it a great option for people that enjoy a nice full bath, but you can also fill the bath up to a lesser degree if you prefer. Over time, you will save money on your water bill because you will be using less money to fill the bath.

This model also comes with a feature that prevents scalding by monitoring the maximum temperature level and not allowing it to exceed a certain degree. I also like that this walk-in bathtub does not contain an internal heater so it can be used at no additional expense.

This wonderful bathtub can be installed in any area of your home. If you feel that there is a convenient location for this bathtub, you can have it installed in that specific location, although most people choose to replace their traditional bathtub with the new Serenity Walk-In Bathtub.

Reviewers really enjoy how much freedom that they have to bathe easily with this model, and it is a great product to help ease the discomfort often associated with aching joints or muscles. The whirlpool feature gives you all of the luxuries of a Jacuzzi bath while still allowing you to fully benefit from the walk-in style tub that has become so popular among people that want to stay in their home as they age.

The Serenity Walk-In Bathtub has far exceeded our expectations, and we know it will yours too.

With the Serenity Walk-In Bathtub, you will have everything that you need to experience a luxurious, enjoyable, comfortable bath any time that you desire!


  1. Jayson Lewis says:

    Walk in tubs are a great delight for the elderly. They make the bathing experience independent and comfortable.

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