Budget Bathroom Design for Seniors

It can be frightening to think about some of the challenges that seniors face when they live on their own. Particularly seniors with mobility issues or cognitive challenges that make every day activities such as bathing difficult are at risk of serious injuries. If your aging loved one has made the decision to age at […]

Tools to Bathe Senior Parents

Bathing your senior parents is one of the most important roles you have as a family caregiver. Mobility issues and cognitive challenges can make it difficult for aging adults to go through the tasks of bathing themselves safely and effectively. Improper hygiene can lead to a variety of problems including skin irritations, body odor, and […]

Why Seniors Refuse to Bathe

As a caregiver you will face many challenges. When you take on the responsibility of providing care for an aging loved one, you have taken on the responsibility of managing her health, safety, and comfort. One of the biggest elements of this is making sure your aging loved one keeps up with her hygiene. Hygiene […]

Bathroom Design Ideas for the Elderly

Aging in place is the senior care preference for many elderly people. When a senior makes the decision to remain in his own home throughout his elderly years it is important that proper changes are made to the home to ensure the senior is safe and secure. One of the most important areas is the […]

Walk-in Bathtubs for Seniors – Are they Worth It?

Taking care of elderly parents is no joke. It’s a responsibility that grows with time, and that can cause changes that affect everyone in your family. Whether your aging parents are staying in their own home or living with you, you will need to assess the safety aspects of their bathroom. Given the combination of water, soap […]

Elderly Bathroom Safety – Better Safe than Sorry!

The bathroom can be a dangerous place for the elderly. Factors like general weakness, joint and muscle pain, balance impairment and failing eyesight all contribute to making daily ablutions more and more difficult as time goes by. Things once taken for granted – being able to keep oneself clean, and using the toilet, slowly become insurmountably difficult, […]