Walk-in Bathtubs for Seniors – Are they Worth It?

Taking care of elderly parents is no joke. It’s a responsibility that grows with time, and that can cause changes that affect everyone in your family. Whether your aging parents are staying in their own home or living with you, you will need to assess the safety aspects of their bathroom. Given the combination of water, soap […]

Elderly Bathroom Safety – Better Safe than Sorry!

The bathroom can be a dangerous place for the elderly. Factors like general weakness, joint and muscle pain, balance impairment and failing eyesight all contribute to making daily ablutions more and more difficult as time goes by. Things once taken for granted – being able to keep oneself clean, and using the toilet, slowly become insurmountably difficult, […]

How to Stay Safe in the Bathroom – Solutions for Seniors

If you’re responsible for elderly parents, either living in their own home or staying with you, then one of your greatest concerns must be their safety. The bathroom is the most dangerous room in the home, with its combination of water, slippery floors and tiles, and the difficulty of maneuvering in and out of an […]

How to Relieve Arthritis Pain – Walk-in Bathtubs Can Help

Over the past ten years, I’ve watched my elderly mother dealing with painful arthritis. As it’s become worse and worse, it’s impacted her mobility, her ability to handle normal daily tasks, and has had an ever-increasing effect on her mood. Long-term pain can lead to depression and a feeling of helplessness. That’s something no one […]

How to Care for Aging Parents – Helping Parents Stay Home

For many of us, there comes a time when our parents are becoming noticeably frailer, and decisions concerning their daily living and care become an ever greater responsibility. We all age differently, and the decision as to where an elderly parent should live must take into account their abilities and even their personalities. Because we love […]